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Romney Intercepts al-Qaida; Scores Touchdown

I’ve been watching CNN for the last hour. It’s Monday night. 2:29 am. Weird.

Since the holidays, I sort of fell off the edge of the Earth. I was more involved with gluing the shards of my sanity back together than keeping up with current politics and news developments. Luckily, the cold weather keeps me inside and the new college semester has me wondering: is journalism today really an expression of the first amendment, or is it simply a means to entertain?

I’ll spare you my reflections on the year of 2011, and instead get right to the point: Sports. I spent the 24th of December in southern Humboldt County, CA, watching the Seahawks duke it out with the 49ers. While the game held me on the edge of the seat till the two minute warning, I was disappointed to see the Seahawks lose (again). I had to hold my tongue though; Humboldt county is 49ers turf.


I watched as the game came to a close, dully, as ESPN sound effects swooped in. Terry Bradshaw’s idiotic voice echoed throughout my skull. Howie Long’s chiming confirmed that football was done for me this season. There is no time to mourn the loss of your team when ESPN talk show hosts want to flap their gums. It’s time to find something a little more serious to pay attention to, like politics. But who am I kidding? That’s just another sport itself.

At least U.S. politics appears to be a sport. If American’s are capable of love, it’s the love of winning. The world may seem to be at it’s end (beware of Mayan prophecy scams) but the American people still have a lot of fight left. But much news lately has been interesting; especially towards the end of 2011: Iranians hijacked a U.S. drone, the Senate passed the National Defense Authorization Act, and the GOP is left with Mitt Romney as it’s leading Presidential candidate. None of this is exactly good, but hey! At least Kim Jong-Il and Moammar Gaddafi can be marked off the NSA’s assassination list.

“The Occupiers on Wall St. fight the system. Rick Santorum supposedly owns a jarred fetus. Al- Qaida is infiltrating the fragile Libyan government.” These things have little in common except that they are news, and they invoke an emotional response. However, emotional as they may be, you don’t live with Mr. Santorum, and if you live on the West Coast, the Occupiers are as far away as Libya. My point is, none of these things cause that much stir. I find Iranian cyber warfare just as spooky as the next guy, but until an Iranian hacker shuts down all of Comcast, I am content just reading about it.

Politics to me, has become a sport on a grand scale. It has no seasons, but instead must endure the test of war, poverty, stupidity, and general humanity before it can ever be considered a serious business.

My New Year’s Resolution: Give a shit about it.


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Slowly, drifting into vertigo and delirium, wasting away on Word Press I am in search of a new blog category: Blogging.

I only want to write about blogging, because to me, it is important today. And because I find it a little more valuable than Facebook. Scratch that, I find it much more valuable.

Not all the information on these blogging websites is valuable. Not all the information is true for that matter. Not all the information is even information! Half of it is just garbled opinions with misspellings and news links.

But that is what I love about it.

What we call real news is depressing. I apologize to those professional journalists who work so hard to bring us segmented depression. I am deeply sorry that your message must be so morbid and that you work so damn hard for ignorant people across the world to become enlightened. But I am more sorry, because I value the word of the common ignoramus more than I value yours.

Is journalism a failing profession? Never. At least not investigative journalism. But as far as local opinion and first hand accounts go, yes; that sort of journalism is dying an agonizing death. It is the obligation of all rank and file armed with a laptop or other electronic device to emit news from their fingertips as it happens before them.

It is more than just news too. For a while, I have been wanting to post something on social climates (and now I guess I have) in America, and even around the world. But it is not difficult to understand social climates anywhere when you browse through the millions of available blogs. You get a taste of personality, a piece of advice, insight on a culture, or otherwise personal information you would not know.

For that, this is my official thanks to all bloggers out there. Your cause is a  righteous one. God speed you fucking maniacs.

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