GOOD blog, BAD blog, HAPPY blog, SAD blog.


A recent online debate I had with a friend over Veterans-Day inspired some questioning of societal norms. Blogging, for instance, has been one of those.


The debate over Veterans-Day, involved me, an ex-Marine, and a fanatical liberal, became heated fast. On one side, the military was an evil, corrupt mechanism whose sole purpose was sheer destruction. On the other, it was  necessary, proud, and slightly romantic in America; taboo to bash.

Interesting that it seems taboo. Although, I stand on the military’s side (and because I am a dick), I am wont to rebel against those standards.

My first victim: blogging etiquette. Of course, one should always be polite… But please. I have read those “Freshly Pressed.”

Out of every five “Freshly Pressed” I read, one is funny, or informative (usually just funny though). I’m fine with that. It’s the comments they get. There are dozens of them and they are 90 percent useless blurbs.

There are good blogs out there. I know this, because they’re easy to find. These blogs are highly entertaining, informative – or at the least interesting. Who’s really interested in these anyway? Their titles: “Winter Hiking in Africa,” “Dinasaurus Rex,” “Mapleberyy Christmas,” etc.

A couple of them I read today, were brilliant. But brilliance equals zero comments. With this in mind we must dumb down our thoughts. Maybe I’m jealous of them. Maybe I just don’t truly understand the nature of the blogosphere. But what’s there to get? It’s an interweb within the internet; anything goes, it’s do-it-yourself,  and you can reach the entire world with a mouse click.


Thought this was hilarious looking.

I’m lost in this world like a guppie in the ocean. I find myself asking “who will read my blog?” when people are content with “Vintage Barbie Collection”. The worst part is, to confess these thoughts to those “Freshly Pressed” authors (the Worthless Blog Community in general), is to be shunned from their almighty status. Even if your comment is on some lonely far off blog, your comment still stands the test of moderation. This isn’t to say my blog is anything exceptional, and I’m not trying to sound righteous, because others may find mine just as worthless. I’m just straightening out the facts here, and at the same time vomiting some grief.

There is a lot of people out there – even more bloggers. Why are the most popular issues so pathetic? Several posts back, I discuss the Libyans. Their revolution was born on the backs of bloggers. In a time of political unrest, American bloggers are content with fluff stories. It’s upsetting.

We can be polite if we must, but let’s not feel so inclined to be nice. If you can’t stand the heat get out of the kitchen. ‘S all I’m sayin’.

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  1. #1 by ficklenotions on December 4, 2011 - 7:52 am

    I think you’re exactly correct. But I am also not surprised. I’d be more shocked, in fact, to see that the important issues were given attention, and that brilliance was rewarded. It seems appropriate to me that blog land so to speak, should reflect the same trends as the rest of our media. In fact, it would stand to reason that it would only amplify these trends, seeing as how it’s moderated by the people who demand these trends, for the people who subscribe to them. When michael Jackson’s death stays on the news longer than any pertinent issue probably ever has, and when the national reading level is at an abysmal sixth grade, and when everything is about STUFF (buying stuff and having stuff and having the best stuff that’s better than your old best stuff), I guess it’s only appropriate that these same types of things are glorified on the internet. Especially here, in blog land. After all, people don’t really come here for a dose of reality, they come here to escape reality by any means necessary (for the most part). And the Libyans aren’t exactly a vacation in the sun. I dunno, just my take on the thing. Personally though, I like what you have to say here. Maybe it won’t be a hit feature in a place like this where escapism is the goal, but I think it’s got to be worth saying. If only for the saying’s sake. Keep it up!

    • #2 by squelsch on December 5, 2011 - 4:28 am

      I don’t think so. Personally, I just don’t think that the same trends will be expressed in “blog land” as they are in the real world. I realize that this is an escape. The whole internet is an escape though. We are free to chat, mingle, learn, and enjoy on the internet as freely as we like. Maybe I need to find a better place to escape. Until then, I will be discontent with the majority of pointless conversations, and topics.

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