Is Obama a Bad President?

Eff You

I’ve been wondering if Obama is really a bad president. Lately, it’s been pressing me.

 Politics really became popular again in 2004. I remember their  somewhat of a class war in high school (no pun intended) between those of us whose families voted for John Kerry, and those of us whose families were voting for George Bush. It amounted to school yard brawls and intense sh*it talking – not that any of us really knew anything about politics at that age.

But now we have Obama to consider. He was highly popular amongst youth during his initial election, and now that the time for a possible re-election is coming, we can see that his popularity is slipping. 42% of Americans strongly disapprove of his presidency. His attitude is unwavering though. This is unlike President Bush. When his poll’s showed a massive decrease in popularity, his insecurity was obvious. His speeches became slowly pathetic and bumbling, and each appearance he made was tormented, frustrated and slightly embarrassing to watch.

Like the Iraq War during Bush’s presidency, the economy is Obama’s baby, and it doesn’t look good. Worse, we can’t pull out of the economy. Whether a “stagnating” economy is really Obama’s fault doesn’t really matter. He is the American president and if he doesn’t fix our problems he isn’t likely to get re-elected.

The democratic voters, liberals, and other blue bleeding political types want to moderate though. Or at least that’s what the blogosphere hints at. This is unlike some republican voters I know, who, brutishly defended President Bush’s every move and denied any mad-up word or mistake he ever made. I like to think that democratic voters are keeping ears and eyes open to the potential republican candidates.

Is Obama a bad president?  I would like to say: why, NO. He’s simply fixing the mistakes that his predecessors have made in the past and getting blamed for it. But to tell the truth, I don’t know how true that is. What I do know is that for many, it’s starting to look like all of the change he promised was a lot of hot air, and that he won’t get re-elected. To be forward, I will say that: Obama’s ideas are a little ahead of his time and not generally accepted by the working class, american, white male majority. And in a democracy the majority rules.

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