Extreme (Regime) Makeover!


The prospects in Libya are incredibly low, the cost is high, and it’s priority on the Humanitarian Intervention Check List (something I just made up) isn’t exactly that high.  Sometimes I like to wonder what U.S. troops in Afghanistan think about these efforts.

As far as I know, the West’s recent actions in Libya have been of the best of intentions. Similar to Iraq and Afghanistan, we are working to kill or capture another asshole, by supporting and arming revolutionaries and rebel groups. This makes our third “regime makeover” in the last ten years (and jeeze, I really hope they make a TV series out of these inteventions).

 Everyone (for the most part) seems happy about this. Both Democrats and Republicans, Conservative and Liberals are generally accepting of these efforts. Finally, something to agree on. Conservatives get aerial bombardment and Liberals get a democratic revolution.

According to Al Jazeera, the revolution’s death toll is somewhere around 10,000. Which is a lot of bodies, in comparison to the conflict in Afghanistan. Even more disconcerting is the death toll in Sub-Saharan Africa where 30,000 people have died from a famine in Somalia – lets not forget 5 million in Congo. Closer to home is the death toll in Mexico which reached 15,273 last year.

Although, Libya, Somalia, and Mexico all mean different things to the U.S., I find the amount of aid and support being sent to Libya unfair.

I’ve come to terms with the U.S. being the SWAT team of the WPD (World Police Department), but our priorities are off. Where Mexican cartels are fueling drug trade in the U.S., crime rates, and instability along our border, the Libyan rebels we support are commiting the same war crimes as their former leader they seek to kill. And although the U.S. is the biggest donor to the Somalian relief, the money it sends to the Horn of Africa a small fraction of what it plans to send in support of Libya.

The U.S. has a pretty kick ass history of destroying foreign armies; the truth is, no one want’s to go to war with the U.S. We love the smell of napalm in the morning. But could we please rearrange our list of things to do? And can we start at home for the love of Christ?

I find it hard to believe anyone would support multiple $500 million dollar “baskets” being sent to Libya in support of a new regime, especially when the only issue advertised on T.V. is the national debt and the unemployment rate.

Some 55,000 troops will have withdrawn from Afghanistan by 2012. But will this decutction support the aid we send to Libya, or any other Middle-East country who decides to overthrow a dictator?

The Western support for Libya is just another feeble attempt at securing a pro-Western government in the Middle-East. Who’s to say the Transitional National Council will develop anything the least bit democratic anyway? The Libyan people deserve a stronger, more independent nation, but it is not the West’s place to control this.

Since Iraq, the U.S. and other Coalition forces, developed the mentality that because they are free countries, and have advanced militaries, they are the only ones capable of providing Democracy and Peace – or at least Democracy-  in countries without it.

A couple hundred years ago, there was a very repressed country that had little foreign aid, money, or military power. They managed to overcome the world’s largest superpower and maintain a democratic-republic that is still present today. I don’t remember

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